Friday, September 21, 2007

Pamper Myself Finally..

So refreshing! I just done with my weekly, not I think monthly or rather when I am free to do so mask session.

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I had not been able to pamper myself for more than 2 months..When I free enough, I will need to serve my so called "Master"..

I read about some mom blogger that they only have 2 hours for them self to spend alone to do what they wanted to do, how I wish I would be ended just like them. I hope that I can have more time to do whatever I wish to do and not being tight up with works.

I want my freedom! Hate to say, I am so missing the day when I am able to go shopping whenever I wanted to, to go playing around without need to rush back to home due to the next day need to go to work...

I think most of the people also wish for the same thing.

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belle said...

thing is..we always want something that we couldnt not obtain anymore
actually..if u manage the time well im sure u can do everything in one go!
just be persistant muacks!!

sorry for not dropping by for so long T T