Friday, September 21, 2007

Its A Very Nice Movie Indeed.

Did you believe if I said that I just finished watching The Curse Of the Golden Flower?

Yes, nothing wrong with you eyes. I know this movie had been out in the market for freaking long time but the last time I heard about it from my brother and a few friends said that "NOTHING THERE TO WATCH, ONLY A BUNCH OF BALLS".

Their "balls" are meant to describe the ladies boobie, boob, tit, titties or in a nice way, just call it as breast will be fine. Alright enough of the boobie part. Since almost everyone had watch it, this is definitely not a movie review.

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For most people, after they watched this movie, the only thing stuck in their head is Gong Li with her extra bouncy boobie and practically, you can have free eyes massage throughout the movie, well of course, its only works for the guys.. and for ladies, the only thing that can still make them to sit still and let the movie ends, will be having Jay Chou or the not so old looking Mr Chow in there.

Mind me, I do not have any interest on those boobie neither on Mr Chou and Mr. Chow. So why I still be interested with the movie and can stand the boringness of the movie until the end?

I am actually impressed with the Director who actually have this kind of idea. How the hell he can have such great thing running inside his brain and successfully bring it out into became a movie. Many might not understand the movie, but for me, I saw greediness, love, fear, family, lies, and everything that reflect the natural behavior of human being.

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Well, sorry for those that do not understand what the hell I am talking about and should if you did not agree that this movie is no more than those balls, well, its up to each individual to see it.

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My advise? Go buy and watch it for the 2nd time, control your eyes from running wild and stop staring at all those boobies and concentrate on each of the character on how they bring themself inside there.

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Cometh said...

Tight....very tight... =p

Anyway, You are TAGGED

vhanded said...

I watched the movie in Cinema, very very nice! Besides the balls, the story also very nice, especially the director who can play with color very well!
Thanks for dropping by!

LukXiuFung said...

From far far away i can see the "pau" already...seriously...too tight....

32a also can tighten into kidding man...

CRIZ LAI said...

I agreed that the whole movie was about the different sizes of "Pau". It's rather boring but I still managed to finished the whole movie. I admired how the director came out with such a good cinematography but the story line could be improved to make it not so dry.

babyfiona said...

woah! this post only attract guys kakaka

Apple said...

haha..I haven't watch this!
nah im not les, but I appreciate balls. :P

belle said...

i agree.this movie needs a great patience and observation.
finally someone who agrees with me!
well.. it hits me on the greediness and "family" just not that sainty as we thought sometimes..

it might b yr worst enemy..
ppl who knew u the best, knows how to hurts you to the max

babyfiona said...

[apple] then you should go and watch it :D

[belle] AGREED!!! 101%!!! :P