Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Since we bought our Toyota Avanza, hubby seem to keep himself busy with all the related products and activities on the car. From the look of the interior until the inside of the engine, he is trying to get himself equipped with all the information he can get from the internet. is a one stop solution for discounted radiators. It is also the best place for quality wise due to their reputation as the leading online source for radiators and also cooling components. sells only the highest quality OE style and aftermarket parts and the price of course would be cheaper comparing outside because due to their system in eliminating the middleman.

From Toyota Radiator to Mini radiator, you name it, you can find it here. not only a good place to buy but its also a place to get some tips on radiators.

Basically from installation and removal, how to measure a radiator, causes of cooling system check, whatever you can to know about radiator, you can find the answer in here and well, I guess hubby will be glad that I introduce him to this site.

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