Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Temper Rising

I need to do some self reminder for myself to make sure my temper as low as possible.

I blew up yesterday in front of everyone due to the rising of my temper. I can said, it is as hot as the rising sun in our country right now. The temperature is enough to boil an egg.

Well, here is the self observation for yesterday and today.

Yesterday morning = As flame as I can be. Even my boss also do not dare to talk to me.

Afternoon = Temper is rocket high

evening = no changes at all, and poor hubby get the scold from me

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This is how I looked like in early in the morning.

Today morning = Seem to be alright, nothing can irritates me

Afternoon = a little bit agitated but still controllable

evening = I think I am darn tired for my temper to blow..

Well..hopefully tomorrow, nothing will trigger me..hopefully..

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