Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Royal London Circus!!

Guess what?? I went to Royal London Circus!!! Weee!

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This is our target on Monday night as we decided to go and watch it before I start to get real busy until no time for it.

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The tickets! VIP for hubby and the complimentary one won from Neo blog

We arrived at the place at around 7.00pm on Monday night to redeem the complimentary one and buy a ticket for hubby. Then only we proceed to the nearest makan place for our dinner as the show starts only at 8.30 pm.

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Our dinner. Cost RM 1.30 only per packet but its tasted so nice!

After finished our light dinner, we rush into the tent so that we can get a nice seat instead as its a free seating system. First thing welcome us right after we passed the ticket to the attendant to check is this..

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Well....OKAY! but neh! we did not spend so much..just RM 3 for a candy floss, RM 2 for a small bottle of mineral water, RM 3 for 2 hotdogs.. well, its the normal price I guess? Expected.

After we bought whatever we wanted, we saw this....

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*birds flying across my head* (-..-)".

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The floorplan of the seating area yay! Mine is at the Pink Karer area!! VIP! Yeah! Yeah! *I know my hubby going to kill me for this*

Then I saw this cute white Prince that always give me his butt when I tried to get his picture...he was like "come come come, take my lovely butt photos, see closer at my butt crack, does it look sexy to you"

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The opening after we waited for more than half and hours and finally its started after we almost fell asleep at sharp 8.30 pm.
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Lots of sexy gals and sexy guys (^-^)/

Okay, No talking now, all pictures!!

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A beautiful butterfly, opps sorry, No wordings..continue

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Bad spidey!

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Want to know more?? Wait for tomorrow please. I reserved some and most exciting part for tomorrow or well, if you can't wait, then please visit the Royal London Circus yourself!

Below are the information that you must know!

The Venue
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The Ticket Price
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The Show Time
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joy said...


Thanks for visiting my site. The Circus looked like a lot of fun! Come to think of it, I have not been to one myself. I should go, shouldn't I?

Your Love Coach

Free Blogger Templates said...

OH man I love the circus!!!!

Che-Cheh said...

Exciting and interesting. :)
So how do you judge this circus?

Apple said...

wow..looks interesting..
hey the 1.30 real cheap..but full enough or not?

littlepolaris said...

wah syiok la... i never been to a circus b4.
ehehe i'm more interested in ur nasi lemak tho.

Princess Neshimaru said...

Ooooo sounds so cool!!!

Neo said...

Show me sexy gals, not the horses! hahaha...