Thursday, September 13, 2007

Finale of Royal London Circus

Woah! Another tiring day with daily shitty problems to settle. Well, of course are from those people that must have been on constipation for quite some time and now they finally can shit and let it out everywhere in the office.

So, where did i stopped in my last post? oh! ROYAL LONDON CIRCUS!

Anyone likes the flying Jumbo? At Royal London Circus, you could see one!

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Ok, maybe not the Jumbo flying..only the Master in "kind-of Flying" position..

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See how cute when he sit like us? *of course the Jumbo ler*

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The white prince that keep showing me his butt crack when I tried to take his picture in my first post.

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Oh! and this one is the one I loved most and most exciting part! Guess how many bikes they have in there? My heart beat so fast when I saw all of them starts to roll their bikes around the big cage.


And by the way, of course I did not post ALL the photos here..Go watch it yourself. Go feel it, Go Go Go! You would not regret it! Unless..well..of course you are allergy to the clown. :P

Below are the information that you must know!

The Venue
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The Ticket Price
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The Show Time
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dani said...

I heard that they are getting short the show.. until middle of the month only.. not until 30th.. how sad...

babyfiona said...

[dani] oh really? I am not so sure about that..but you can still watch it in Botanic Garden Klang.

yung . said...

the last time i see royal london circus is when I was in primary school.. it's been so long time adi... The next time I see them I should go and watch..

babyfiona said...

[yung] then you should act fast :D

hao said...

I nvr been to a circus before T__T

Sweetpea said...

graet idea. i think it's about time i can bring aidan to a circus here :)

babyfiona said...

[hao] then go and buy a ticket lar! its worth the price

[sweetpea] Aidan will be very happy then! Remember to take lots of photos yah!