Thursday, September 20, 2007

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

I saw these cute clothing and had the urge to buy it for myself. Its seem so cute with the two long ear at the back of the clothing. I know its a bit too childish for me..but its really cute..and adorable. They called it as the bunny clothing!

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See the cute ear on the top of the head.

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Its even cuter when its stay at the back!

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The brown colour look nice, right?

As per now..the cost to own this is only RM 65 direct from Taiwan.. to buy or not to buy.. but where can I wear this clothing to?? Halloween???!!!


jimmychin said...

wow.. this cloth cute leh.. hehe...

Huei said...

so cute!! but true place to wear to..but it's so cute!!! i wan oso!!!

Neo said...

So cute. Buy lar... wear to work! Hahaha.

abnerd said...

hehe its adorable. get one and snap a photo. share share... looks comfy

babyfiona said...

[jimmychin]cute, you buy one for your gf to wear and see??

[huei] You go buy and take photo lar..i think I too old for that ler..

[neo] -_____-" wear to work..later my boss said i crazy.. and give me the "LOOK"

[abnerd] Me too old ler..later I became OLD BUNNY -____-"

Ichitaka Leingod said...

buy! buy! so cute... all girls should buy one... XD

keeyit said...

Buy it if you really love it. Sometimes we can buy something to pamper ourselves once in a while. Should be oK..