Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Sometimes I really want to ask those already became parent. I am really curios on this simple question.

If one of the mommy or daddy was sick and needs to go visit the doctor, do you

1. Ask your husband to bring you and your baby / toddler as well since no one going to take the baby for you at home?

2. When arrived at the clinic, ask your spouse to wait with your baby / toddler inside the clinic?

3. Or ask them to wait outside or somewhere else for a while.

Want to know why I ask these kind of questions?

Now I tell you why.

The other day I was with my hubby when he needs to visit the doctor due to throat infection.

Well, a normal scenery in the clinic. Sick children, sick mommy, sick daddy. Some with high fever, some coughing non-stop and well, its a clinic, so its should be normal.

We waited for like 10 minutes and the door to the doctor opened. Came out a healthy looking toddler age not more than 3 years old, walking and smiling with his dad at the side. Obviously, both of them seem to be alright.

5 seconds later, the mommy came out..coughing non-stop.. and I was like..why the hell, she coughing non-stop and like no body business and still bring their baby / toddelr along to the clinic..

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I don't know if is the wise step to bring their healthy toddler along into the clinic or not..but for me. I will definitely NOT going to do that..later my baby / toddler will also be infected!!!


Health Freak Mommy said...

If i hv somebody to look after my kids at home, def I wouldnt want to bring them to the clinic with me to breathe in virus. But if nobody's at home, then no choice, got to tag them along ;(

babyfiona said...

[health freak mommy] that i understand but for those who went along with the husband, at least can ask the husband to stay outside with the baby..this one is not woh...-____-"