Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wedding Favor

I wish I had save enough money for extras when I get married last year. Even on our wedding dinner, we did not even give out wedding favors to our guests due to the financial constraint.

At that time, those unique personalized wedding favors are priced very high and not much of variety to choose from. Every place I seek, gave the same choice and that quality, well its rocket high.

If I come to know The Knot Wedding Shop earlier, I would get the supplies from them. They has the top-quality wedding supplies and novelty items ranging from wedding cameras, ring pillows, cake toppers and many more to choose from.

Well, that are the normal types that can be found everywhere. But at The Knot Wedding Shop, You can get to personalized silk fan, magnets, CD Labels, playing card and even cocktail mixes and their price tag are still in affordable range.

Enough of wedding favor? Then check out their wedding gowns or bridesmaid dress! You will be spending quite some times there to check out their beautiful range with accessories which matches the gowns.

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