Monday, October 29, 2007

Bad Driver I am

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Hubby and me decided that we should start to check and get a better car insurance rates for our 4 months old baby as we know that we need to plan for the future. With a lower and better rates, it will of course do us good in term of we do not need to spend so much on paying for the car insurance.

Well, we decided to get ourself some quote. One of the quote is actually for me due to I am really bad in driving. Well at least I am well covered, in term of money wise and won't be pulling and scratching my head should if I am that unlucky.

Anyway, we get the information we needed on Online Insurance Policy and get ourself some quote for our reference and when it is the time, we will change the insurance coverage for sure. As for now, I will need to be very careful.

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