Sunday, October 14, 2007

Miami Heat Tickets

My younger brother who is one of the basketball player in high school would jump when I tell him that managed to get the Miami Heat tickets for him and his friends which he requested me for help to book it for him due the tickets had been sold out.

Before he asked from me the favor to getting him the tickets, he was complaining up and down that every single time he went over to some ticketing agents, its either tickets sell out or he can't get the seats that he wanted. All left was the back seat where he can't even see his favorite player.

Well, me being the smart one, of course I count on Premium Seats USA to solve this problem! I had been using their services since the very first time to get hold most of my tickets. Be it the concert tickets or the theater events that I love being there.


joy said...

Sisters are the best! I'm sure your brother will be really grateful. So what are you going to ask for in return? :D

Your Love Coach

babyfiona said...

[joy] hehe,nothing at all :P

curryegg said...

Wow.. what a lovely place to go... ;)
And selamat hari raya to you..

Paul said...

What a gd sister u are. :)