Wednesday, October 3, 2007

No Choice

When you do not have a choice, you would not have a choice
Every steps taken will effect one Man future
Its require one step from you to decide a death sentence for the Man
That is the step whereby you will have your freedom
but that is the same step that will destroy the Man.

Own Freedom versus A Man Future.

What will you choose?

Choose freedom you will be watching him suffering.

Choose the future of the Man, then you will be suffering yourself.

Do you think I have the choice to choose?


Huei said...

ur choice is to choose or not to choose!

find a new way to make the future of ur man..and maybe urself better! get a new job!! hehehe

suffer now and u'll have a better life later! =D

babyfiona said...

[huei] he is not my man -___-". at the moment, I do not have the choice to choose..

jam said...

Try to make both as your choice! Then your life and his life will both be brighten up!