Saturday, October 6, 2007

Portable DVD Player

I remember last year at our company annual dinner, one of the supplier got us a portable DVD player as a lucky draw present but since I think we can use it during our event due to its size and handiness to bring along, I suggested to all of the colleagues that we will need to omit it our from being our lucky draw gift.

At that point, I noticed that all my colleague was a bit down because I know that they all wanted to have it for their own. Well, too bad, its remained the property of the company.

I can remember that the portable DVD player was so small that I can just slide it into my waist pouch and bring everywhere while on the go and of course, with the player supporting the Divx format and also MP3 & MP4 format, its was really a life saver when some of the client from oversea can not run their CDs using a normal DVD player.

Experienced the goodness of the portable 10 inch DVD player, I think to get my hand on an unit for back-up during traveling and also daily use.

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