Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Beautiful Pink Reef Sandal

Remember that I once posted an entry on some one get burned due to her sandal's rubber melt when she wears the sandal out at the beach? Most probably is due to the quality of the sandal or the make of the manufacturer. If she was smart enough to get herself Reef Sandals from which ships direct nationwide, I don't think she would have to go through all those painful experiences.

As for me, since I am a fan of sandal, I prefer to buy a better quality ones that can stand the heat and also comfortable for everyday wear. I am those person that prefer comfortable against beauty. Even though how pretty or beautiful a sandal or a high heel is, I will still choose the one that I can walk or better still run on it. That is why, all these while, I been using Reef Sandals.

My sister had been complaining each time I bought a new sandal from Reef collection because she said that for a sandal, its really does not worth the price I am paying for. She keep on arguing that, she rather use the money to buy a nice high heel where she can wear it to anywhere because it is more presentable. But I have my own reason myself. Oh well, everyone have their own preference.

Since its the time to ditch my old sandal which had been faithfully be with me for 1 year and a half, I am thinking to get myself this comfortable pink reef sandal that support the Boarding for Breast Cancer! Nice? get one for yourself as well!

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