Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How To Pangsai Like That?

GULP! how to pangsai if I can see people passing by one by one? For normal public toilet, if I really need to go, I would check beforehand if any one inside the next cubicle then only I will go in and do my business. If the toilet got too many people or crowded, I will just make my way to another level or just wait until I found a not so many people or better still no one inside.

So if, the toilet is as shown as below, can you actually do your business in the public without any hesitation?


People can not see from outside


but you can see out from the inside.

How to Pangsai like that?


yipguseng said...

wah! imagine u half way shitting then a guy came by and look at u (at his side is like looking on a mirror). sure the shit can't even come out peacefully man~~

babyfiona said...

yipguseng-EXACTELY! how to shit like that.. -____-". Somemore if he trying to use the mirrow and starts to pinch on his pimple..eeewww!