Saturday, November 3, 2007

Congratulation To Josephine1114

Still remember the little guessing game of mine? The one that asking you all to guess what is the profesion of the young guy and the winner who actually guess correctly was Josephine1114.

Congratulation to her and she notified me yesterday morning that she actually received the gift already!

So fast!

You all might be wondering what is the small prize is right? Here it is! I show you the process before I send over the price to her little princess, Esther.


This is the box that I get to put in the gift.

Just for You!

With a printout to congratulate her!


After I wrapped it up. So fugly! Purposely as I do not want any of the itchy hand postman to open it. So, I wrapped it with lots and lots of masking tape.

And TARA! This is the gift from me :D



Josephine told me that she wanted to see how Esther would react when she saw the teddy bear. Hope she will like it and hope she will be able to post some photos then :D

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