Saturday, November 3, 2007

I Should Have Stick To Martin Worldwide

I regret to the maximum that I did not contact Martin Worldwide to get the mailing list database and instead I wasted quite a large sum of money on getting the mailing list from another company which did not give me a good result.

Its was my other colleague decision at that time and I did not have any chance to speak it up but if I did stand up on my own decision, this should not be happening. The list we got was not as what we expected. A large quantity of the database was actually not updated which resulting the returns of the mailing that we sent out to our client.

On the other hand, if we did engage with Martin Worldwide, I believe that with their reputation as one of the leaders in the direct marketing industry, we will not have such problem. Their ground breaking products, ResponseCom™ is a potent, proprietary blend of U.S. Response and U.S Consumer databases, resulting in a multi-dimensional database that offers extreme versatility and over 100 demographic and psychographic selects.

With decades of tracking, compiling and optimizing data merged into one vast database resulting the born of ResponseCom™ and this actually give a higher response rates, new business opportunities and profitability to the client.

Well, decision made and mistake happen, next time I will surely stand by my decision and just make others to comply with it.

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