Saturday, November 3, 2007

Darn Stupid

Wokey, last night, three of us was stupid enough to follow a colleague's word and went for our dinner at a hanging place called the Beer Garden.

No No No, not to say the place is not nice, its good, its great, its relaxing but its certainly not a good place to have your dinner when you are darn hungry. Believe me as three of us had our dinner that costs us RM 105.80! And guess what? We had to go straight away to a mamak stall and had our tummy filled.

Another minus point, the place was quite dark not well lighted which ended up whatever you put in your mouth, you would not be able to see it...

A dinner that cost us 100 bucks which cannot even fill up our stomach...sigh... stupid mistake. And let you guess what we ordered? A plate of lamb cost us Rm 13.00, 2 Crabs cost us RM 39, a jug of beer RM 33.00 and well, you should know how much would a plate of "lala" costs us. All together with the 5% government tax, caused a big hole in our pocket! Sigh!

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