Sunday, November 4, 2007

Don Sushi At Carrefour Subang Jaya

Went to Don Sushi a while ago for our dinner and *sob* the sushi there is not as good as Sushi King. I prefer Sushi King than Don Sushi..even the salmon fish in Sushi King is bigger in portion.

And the pricing..more expensive. Starting at 2.90 per plate up to 12.90 per plate for all the sushi on kaiten belt, it is certainly more expensive comparing with Sushi King.

Hubby said, Don sushi is more cheaper with 3 salmon sushi in a plate which cost only 5.90 but hello, the sushi is in slice form and not cube form like in Sushi King.

Some of the photos taken at Don Sushi







Overall to say, the food, not as good as Sushi King, the price also much more expensive than Sushi King, need to explain ler.. whoever been to Don Sushi before will know that the seating there is quite narrow and well..last time for me to go there.

Oh one thing good at Don Sushi is their Chuka Idako! Taste better than those in Sushi King :D


Paul said...

The sushi seems nice, but some things look nice only

babyfiona said...

[paul] I 100% agreed! look nice but tasted not so nice ler..

Johnny Ong said...

even so, sushi king's pricing is not that cheap either