Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just Skip This Post - Real Boring Post

No mood to work at all! My body had been giving me all sort of excuses not to work. From backache to light headed, to abdominal pain, today was the third days I been having all these nonsense due to the my body was too lazy to work.

Its going to be end of the month and need to rush to do the most important thing of the month. What else if not the Pay Cheque?? Do not dare to wait for one more day, if not sure other colleague will starts to message each other asking when the PC will be ready. Boring! Every month also the same. Its really like they got no money at all to spend for the next one or two day.

Sometimes I really wonder, how can they do not have any saving for backup? Seem like they will need to much on grass each time when end of the month comes around. But during the middle or right after they receives the PC, they will be spending like nobody business. The way they eat, the way the shop, its really a shame for them especially those who had always been asking when the PC will be ready or when they will be getting it.

Well a cartoon to cheer up a gloomy day!


Nastasshea@Nesh said...

So where's my pay? Heheheheh!!! Yalor we know who always ask me in MSN one... "Nesh, did Fiona say when the pay cheque is coming out??"


babyfiona said...

kakaka, pay not yet. Lazy to do ler..later in the afternoon lar