Friday, November 30, 2007

Last Day Of November 2007

WEEEE!!! Is the last day of November! Happy Happy day as:-

1. Today is PAY DAY! Finally got money coming in as I got lots of thing to buy!

2. Is my Big Big day, yay! Have to add another 1 to my 2 digit number. Soon I will become an Ah Poh, don't know how come the time can fly so fast! I been celebrating this day for like more than 20+ years old! Alright alright, not 20+, its should be 20+++, happy?

3. I finally watched Enchanted! So nice! So Disney! So funny! I LIKE!

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4. Received so many wishes, some from peoples that I did not even know well, but then , they will message me, leave me message, email me to wished me. So...
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Lovely Mummy said...

happy belated birthday !!!