Thursday, November 29, 2007


Oh gosh! I hate it when I have toothache. There is no way I am going to let the dentist check and drill a hole in my teeth! No way!

See, that is how allergic I am to dentist, dental, dental nurse or anything that have the "dental" word in it but I know that one day, I will need

I understand the need of dental insurance since I could not make myself to visit the dentist each time I got problem with my tooth, so for a backup if something big going to happen to all my teeth like falling down one by one, I will need to depends on the dental insurance to cover the hefty sum of money the wicked dentist going to charge me!

I prefer the discount dental plan rather than the old traditional dental insurance because its really can serve the customer much better as its offer significant savings for the members' dental care needs. With more than 30 national and regional discount dental plans, its really make a big different compare with the costly traditional dental insurance as well as the tedious claim forms, costly deductibles, long waiting periods and other limitations. Who will actually prefer something that will waste so much of time and so tedious to handle? Of course not for me!


curryegg said...

I hate toothache too... errr.... And I hate DENTIST!!!

babyfiona said...

curryegg- same! kekeke, me too mee too. Hate dentist to the max!