Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday Blues

*SOB SOB* I noticed that my visitor count decreasing month by month. Don't know if it due to all the paid post I am writing for or if it due to the lack of interesting post anymore.

Was too busy to have any activities that is good enough to pen down. If I were to write down, when was the last time I went to the loo, what I ate, what I did the whole day yesterday alone in the house, I think you all will be vomiting blood.

Don't think, got anyone that will be interested with how many times, I went to poo poo, how many times I release water from body, how many kilos I put on every meals or how much I spend in a day. Right?

So, what to write? Any ideas? I am not those people that likes to copy anything from the net and force my reader to come and read the same old thing that they can actually get from the net. But once in a while, I will also share those kind of article if I think it is worthwhile.

So, ideas ideas ideas. Give me ideas. Please!!

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