Sunday, November 11, 2007

Password Keeper

Its was not easy to keep your computer password safe and sound when something happens to your computer and you need to send them for fixing and the worst if you want to keep your password in big organisation.

Thus you will definitely need a password keeper. My advise? Try Symark!

Founded in 1985, Symark, a leading provider of security administration solutions, offer three products that help to monitor and centralize the administration and detailed audit logs. The three products include the PowerBroker® which enables granular delegation of administrative privileges while restricting UNIX/Linux root account access, PowerPassword®, a User Management Edition that provides UNIX/Linux user account management along with login and password security policies and last but not least, Symark PowerKeeper® which provides storage and secure access of administrative passwords for multiple servers, applications, and network devices.

Symark offers wide skill in enterprise computing security, and its products are backed by supreme technical support thus it is the best choice should you need any assistance dealing in this matter, as they are the expert for the solution.

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