Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Dream To Italy

Yikes, so nice of my dream yesterday night. I dream that I won a trip to Italy with all the expenses covered. When I received the call from someone on the end of the line, he told us that, we can choose our accommodation from a list of italy hotels that he will going to fax to us.

As all know that Italy's 8 unusual attraction would be:

1. The Museum of the Souls of Purgatory
2. Trompe L’Oeils: Borromini Perspective Gallery and the Fake Pozzo Dome
3. La Specola
4. The Original Ice Man
5. National Museum of Pasta
6. National Etruscan Museum (Museo Nazionale Etrusco)
7. Medieval Criminal Museum
8. National Museum Of Musical Instruments

I would really want to visit all of them and hopefully it is not a dream for me.

After I wake up this morning, I saw hubby was checking the internet on rome hotels and also venice hotels . I thought we are going for vacation for real, but when he told me that he is actually checking it for his sister, I was so unhappy. That goes my dream. Thought I cannot do for the 8 unusual attraction, at least I can have the choice to visit, The Colosseum or the beautiful Trevi Fountain in Rome, or maybe a ride at Gondola Ride in Venice, but, well, I am just dreaming. Sigh.

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