Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Hate My InBox

I hate receiving all those spam email in my inbox especially those that came in through my company account. Every single morning, I will spend around 10 minutes to 30 minutes just to download all the email. I would say 90% of the email received would be spam with all those "make your p3nis bigger!" "Not enough of your P3nis?" Make your women cry with your size?" and the list of weird weird reasons goes on.

"Use spam Killer to block all those nonsense email lar"

USE, USING and Still Using but no avail. I have been blocking all the nonsense email since don't know when and STILL everyday my inbox will burst like nobody business. Imagine downloading 200 - 300 per account and I am monitoring 2 accounts and if my company is having some event 6 month ahead, then I will downloading around 500 emails per day...

"Delete the accounts lar"

How I hope I can!!!

Anyone good enough to help me to check all the email one by one and filter out all those nonsense and non-nonsense emails, every single morning?

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