Friday, November 2, 2007

Its The Time To Change Fridge

I noticed that my mom General Electric Refrigerators starts to have problem where it is not that cold anymore compare with the first few years when we starts bought it. It was 5 years ago when we first bought it and everything was fine until recently.

Maybe its due to the temperature rising, so the refrigerators have to work much harder to keep the food cold enough. One of the counterpart in US was complaining to me that when summer arrive, her fridge tend to give her problems and she was also telling me that for those retailers who sell refrigerators will be getting big buck when summer is around the corner.

She told me that, within 5 years time, she had been changing her refrigerator twice after she opt for replacement rather than to repair its as the costs of repairing will cost in hundreds of dollars range.

Well, I guess, its time for my mom to change her as well. I rather buy a new one than paying for the repair cost which can almost buy half of the refrigerator.

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