Friday, November 2, 2007

Pig Stew Face!

Some people are real darn stupid. One stupid step they take, resulting me have to change so many freaking things due to their stupidness and noobieness!

GRRR!!!! Spoil my lovely Friday afternoon! Thought I can relax and sit still in front of my laptop doing nothing or just browsing around and doing simple office job but darn!

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This pig stew face fellow really butt itchy and come disturb my day. *SOB!*

I want to cry! I need my rest, I need my mattress, I need my bolster, I need my hubby.



Josephine said...

What happen?? Angry at other stupidness is like punishing urself because of them, not worth it.. Cheer up..

Hey, I just got ur parcel! Thanks, wanna see my Esther response when sees it.. hahaha...

Have a wonderful weekend, yeah?

babyfiona said...

[josephine] So fast its arrived? Yeah! Take picture of Esther ya :D

No lar..thought I can relax a bit..mana tahu got ppl kacau my day. *SOB*

Edward Khoo said...

There are stupid ppl everywhere in this world, I still remember what my teacher used to say:

"Don't get angry & smile always because life is short & we must enjoy our life"

Be happy always!

babyfiona said...

[edward khoo] hi edward! nice to see you here ^^. yeah thanks for the advise, we should smile always because life is short and enjoy it and would not let other ppl stand in between us :D