Saturday, November 17, 2007

Plan To Visit Europe

Last night, both of us was too bored and decided to crack out the old movie to watch. After 15 minutes debating which movie to watch, we finally ended with one of hubby favorite movie,"Euro Trip" whereby a group of teenager student was on their trip to Europe.

After watching this movie, we are thinking to pay Europe a visit if our financial permits us but before that, we will need to do a lot of research on accommodations and transportation as we hope to travel a few places at one go. Be it a month long vacation!

Well, at the moment, I have checked on Hotels in London, Hotels in Berlin and as well as Hotels in Paris. I have bookmarked all the links for the each hotels for my next time reference so that I can book the hotels of my selection.

As I am checking the selection on the Internet, I noticed that the pricing from are much lower comparing the other so I guess I would be using this site to do my booking. Of course I will go for the one that can give me the lowest price.

Holiday Villa London, UK from as low as GBP 55!

Abacus Tierpark Hotel Berlin from as low as EUR 60!

Golden Tulip Royal Garden Saint Honore Hotel Paris from as low as EUR 139!

Since we will be traveling from one place to another, we will have to prepare our self by getting our self an International driving license which shall be issue in an Europe country shall we be renting a car to travel. Well most probably we will be traveling by rail as we do not really know the roads there and guess we still need to do more research before hand should if our plan is confirm.

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