Saturday, November 17, 2007

Be The Blog and Best Blogging Buddies Awards

I am so happy that one of my Blogging Buddies just honored me with award and this time its was a double award. From who? Let me see.hmm..from my blogging buddy, Maverick Chen lor, who else? Maverick had been a buddy since the very first week I been into blogging and he was nice enough to add my then very very virgin blog into her linky love. Thank you so much!

The first Award

Be The Blog award

Second Award

Below is the list of the blogger who had been awarded with the best blogging buddies award.

Lisa , Kim, Deborah, Pearl, Sandy, Jesse, Chris, Zubli Zainordin, Santa, Blog Elf, Jackie, Marzie, Adrian, Jos, NAFA SG, Polli, Sue, Kathy Maartje, Morgan, Greg, MaryAnn, Eric, Hawk, Carol, Diane, Ev Nucci, Surjit, Kuanyin, Christy Z, Sandee, Robin, Hanna, Maunie, Kim, Bobby, Billy, David, Jennifer, Aryst, Winston, Christy, LilyRuth, Jess, Rudy, Lynda, Lili, Sandy G, Ange, BlackWyrm, Vincent, Colin & Anne, Blandly Urbane, Marco, Mihaela Lica, John C, Aziz-sm, Ugyen, Lansy, Alex Badalic, Victors, Nostalgia Manila, Franco Yong, Herby, Rubie, Santaram & BVK, Jean-david, Namgay, Catherine, Yunita P, PJ Lighthouse, Lorimer Black, Dream Catcher, Fred Plimley, Anja Merret, Maria Lourdes, Jon B, Aayush, Denise, Dharmendra P, Brent D, Jerry & Daryl McCoy, Brian B, Calvin Innes, Pieter Marburn, Jessica Field, Taflas, Alex Sysoef, Norie, Justin Stanley, Ashish, David Ledoux, Thanate Tan, Kevin, Etienne, Gerbera, Christina, Abhishek d, Uprai, Texas_Jam, Azmiel, Daniel, Kristin B, Luwis, Adavait, Now Sourcing, Buen Amigo, Kiran Pande, Peterson Wong, Lynn, Chessnoid, Luis Hipolito, Joliveira, Jennifer & Pete, Team Dog, Megan, Mark, Raivyn, Mel, Andrea, Jen / domestika, Mimi, Bobo, Lynda Lehmann, Dread Bob, Julie, RennyBA, Bobbarama, Becky, Magdalena, Michelle, David, Lily, Rogue Mei, babyfiona, Maverick, Hemmy,Kenny Sia, LiewCF,LandBanker

and its my delight to pass this award to all blogger in my linky love.

Aaron Woo Lala
Aceone118 V1
Aceone118 V2
Ah Pek
Ah Wen Is Cooking
Al Cheong
All Is About
Anak Datuk V1
Benard Cometh
Beng Han
Blogs Do Make Money
Cedric GoodBoyGoneBad
Che Cheh
Chef Khuen
Christina YY
Chronicles Seraphstudios
Chung Ling Student
Cindy Coolclos
Criz Lai
Curry Egg
Daisy Cave
Danielctw V1
Danielctw V2
Don Don
Feon Rabbit
Flsam V1
FLsam V2
Fluffys Day Off
Freelancer Project It
Funny Chatting
Hueisong V1
Hueisong V2
James 2 Spooky
Janice Eng
Jennys Corner
Just Sew Jin
Kai Loon
Kenny Ng
Life Is Like That
Monkey Wong
My Fairy Tale
My Lil Venture
Naturally Nesh
Paul 1979
PJ Light House
Project The Heavy Traffic
Ritchie Woot Woot
Sasha bla bla bla
Side Duck
Silent Whisperer V2
Spongebob Kids
Spooky Grace
Sweet Pea
Sweet Surrender Irene
U Ba Baoo
Vivi Vava
Wokking Mum
Wow wow Studio
Xiao Yenzi
Yellow Banana Inc
Yuin Yin
Alfred's Tech Blog
Cheeks to Cheeks
Coffee Talk
Come Shop with wHOisBaBy
Day In Day Out
De Moments
Delicious Home Recipe
De' Play
Dizzy Dayz
Earn Money $$ together
Faith, Hope & Love
Family Friends Food and Fun
First Love
green tea ROCKS
Harmony Of My Life
Health Freak Mommy
Health Freak Mommy's Other Blog
Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit
Hop Here Hop There
in His time...
It's a New Day..
just another ordinary story..
Just My Rambling
Kerry's World
Kev's Walkabout
Life in Netherlands...
Little Chumsy's Blog
Little World Of Thoughts
Los Angeles My Home
Lyon & Wien
Magical Milestone
Maiylah's Snippets
Mel In A Nutshell
Memoirs.: *CRoSs mY hEARt*:.
Mom 2 BB Reviews
Momsie Tales
Mott's Island
Mott's Mutterings
Musings At Windyridge
My Blog
My Kids, My Life, My Everything
My Lil Venture
My Wanderings
My Yakkity Yak
Our Life Journey
Picture Clusters
Play N Learn � Help The Children Thrive
Rambling Moo
Ramblings of a 23 years old
Sketches of Life
Something about LAI
SQKIKI Forever Blog
SYH Hobbies Galore
Talk This Talk That
The Art of Words
The Cat's Meow
The Music Inside Me Today...
The Other Side of New York
This Is Ann
Today's Gizmos
Troublesome Family
Webtools | Internet, Web, Web tools, Reviews, Downloads, Mobiles, Browsers, Firefox etc.
Women Mumbles
Zoop's Rantings On Life...
A Mother's Monologue
My Life is Murphy's Law

Happy Saturday!

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One Wacky Mom said...

Hi babyfiona!

I got a google alert that I got this award but I can't find my name on our list, but then I'm if I made a mistake, never mind!

It's great to see you babyfiona! I love your music my friend...and if you didn't pass this onto me...I hope I didn't embarass you...and if you did, thank you my friend!

Happy Sunday and bless you!