Tuesday, November 20, 2007


One word.


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Very very tulan when people do not use their brain while working. Even sleeping also your brain is working lar, how come this fella, working time also never use brain one. Tulan Tulan to the maximum!

Already give instruction still asking for instruction. If like that, money in front of you also you wont pick it up lar, see some shit in front also, you wont avoid lar. Studpeg! * And now I know how they get the "square peg" title from..sigh..


belle said...

don tell me u looked like tht now!!!
*runssss* HAHAHAHA
tahan jelah...my maid is worse so nvm nvm tahan... the even mix multi colour on my new clothes..sighh =(

babyfiona said...

[belle] Just now I looked like that lar, now dont have edy kekeke

wah your maid so keng chau meh? then all ur leng leng baru mah lah yeh lor? -____-"

johnny said...

why so tulan?
how about now?