Saturday, November 17, 2007

Welcoming Neshimaru

I finally meet Princess Neshimaru's baby after so long (well not really so long, last saw her its just 1 and a half month ago when one of the son of my boss bring both of the babies to the office and show them to all of us in the office)

Its getting bigger in size compared to the 1st time when I saw and play with it. So cute and cuddle.

Please welcome Neshimaru! (Don't get confuse, Princess Neshimaru is Princess Neshimaru and Neshimaru is Princess Neshimaru baby girl)

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she is cute isn’t she?

1 comment:

Princess Neshimaru said...

Hehehe! My baby gurl so cutE!! She say "arigato" for welcoming her! *Machine gun*