Saturday, November 17, 2007

Demerath Law Office

I remember one of the childhood friends actually told me that last time, her parent sent her to the hospital due the holes in her heart. Her parent was told by the doctor either she will need to undergo a normal open-heart surgery or they can risk and go for the insertion of an Amplatzer® Occluder.

She ended up with the insertion of Amplatzer® Occluder because her parent thinks that it would be better for her as this device can be utilized to close the holes without using the normal open-heart surgery and it will stays inside the heart to block the holes. Made from wire mesh and polyester fabric, it's actually look more like an umbrella and is commonly used to plug an abnormal hole in the heart in the wall between the two upper chambers.

She mentioned to me on the last meeting whereby one of her friend where she actually met during her stay in the hospital that had the same situation ended up with Amplatzer® Occluder Injuries where at the moment, the friend was actually together with a profesional from Demerath Law Office is investigating her case.

The friend recommend Demerath Law Office to my friend just in case, she will need to seek any help or free confidential case review as multiple potential product defects exist in this device. Those who actually sustained injury as a result of insertion of the device should call their office at 877-494-9949 for a free personal injury case review.

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