Saturday, December 1, 2007

Brand Identity Guru

Funny and ridiculous to the maximum! I am not shy to say that I really a noob in advertising industry and not so sure, if there is anything relates between the word "branding" and "marketing" but yet, all these while, I been helping my boss to build up our brand name and was successfully bring up the brand to average level where people starts to acknowledge the existence of our brand.

Well, everything went smooth until one new colleague claiming himself a pro in advertising industry for one decade came in and spoil the whole process. He claimed that the sky is the limit that he promised us but in turn, he made a huge mistake that we right now need a Branding Agency to help us fixing the problem as at current, due to his mistake, our brand was not that strong anymore. He even made our brand identity runs and this causes a big impact to our client where we lost lots of visitor ship due to they can not even recognize our brand anymore.

Guess, I should get help from to get the right thing done before anymore damage. The longer time we leave it unattended, the longer time, we will need to build up our brand again as the world is not going to wait for us. At, I am sure with their track record can aid to rebuild our brand and get back the brand identity in no time.

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