Saturday, December 1, 2007

Leave Me a Comment 2 B Mirmo New Owner

Have you watch Mirmo before? Mirmo is a cute love fairy muglox, pint-sized fairies with his own attitude, specializing in love requests accidently enters the human world by a way of a mysterious cocoa mug.

On her way home from school, Katie, a cheerful, energetic school girl but hopelessly shy when comes to boys, walks into a mysterious shop and bought herself a colorful cocoa mug that contained a message. The skeptical but curious Katie, found the adorable blue Mirmo appears after she read out the message aloud and wish to date Dylan, the class heartthrob. Not only that her wish was not granted, she have to solve all the mischief that was created by Mirmo, the prince of the Muglox world who rather eat chocolate that to help katie who's at the same time is horrified at the prospect of having to marry Rima, his princess bride to be.


Bored with the synosis above as you never know what is Mirmo before? No worry, come I show you what tung tung is Mirmo.


Cute? I got one here that I just get from clamping machine! let me show you the picture of the real Mirmo.




Alright, the best part. I will be sending this free to the lucky one who leave me a comment. The lucky one will be randomly pick on 3rd December 2007, 10.00 pm and Mirmo will be send out by poslaju to meet his nice owner! Within Malaysia only of course :P


CinD said...

i want ler

yipguseng said...

err..din know wat mirmo is seriously..

but when i see this, not yet read ur content also i can guess is from the clamping machine :P

but the mouth looks a bit cacated :))

Ichitaka Leingod said...

Mirmo Zipang or something? I sometimes got see the cartoon, on tv got ma... but what day and time forgot liao XD