Sunday, December 9, 2007

Coat Part 2

I am eying on these. After I rant already and I still couldn't help myself to go and search for my dream coat. Here are the 2 on my first priority and now deciding which colour and pattern to choose.

Pattern 1. Red Colour
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Pattern 1. Apricot Colour
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Pattern 2. Pink Colour
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Pattern 2. Black Colour
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hmm, which one is nicer??


Abner said...

woo where you get these are bbfiona? i like the top 2 designs. how much for one wor...

babyfiona said...

abnerd-hehe I guess you are thinking to get one for your gf as well right :D. Got this from lowyat forum. Pre-order one. the price is around 75-76 per piece. Less than 80 ringgit inclusive of postage right to your doorstep. But still not sure of the quality wise. If you are interested. I send the link to you with the catalogue using hub's msn lor :D

Lovely Mummy said...

i do like coat too but here hot weather all the time i wonder what is the best time to wear it...

babyfiona said...

lovely mummy- this coat the fabric quality is different from the actual piece, so it is not as warm as the normal one. I guess, you can just wear it when you go for normal outing :D