Sunday, December 9, 2007

New 42 Inch LCD?

In the house, we already having 2 unit of television, one is the normal box size television from Toshiba under the Bomba model and another one is a 32inch LCD Sharp Aquos but I was thinking to get another vizio 42 inch LCD from Krillion as I noticed the price is cheaper comparing to other places. I planned to place the 42 inch LCD vizio in the living room and will take the Sharp Aquos into my bedroom for personal usages while the Toshiba Bomba as the backup just in case of anything wrong or need fixing.

At, I can check out all the information they provide on the internet and then only head on over to the store where I can personally go over and check it out as I prefer to have the feeling of touching and seeing with the product in front of me.

3 comments: said...

I want 42 inch tv..
post to me..

Comment from Johnny

Kenny Ng said...

I still looking at my 14 inch laptop LCD wor... haha

babyfiona said...

jonnykiu - post to you? -____-"

kennyng - hehe, my laptop is 15 inch only, so not much different :P