Friday, December 14, 2007

Expensive Maternity Dress!

One thing I don't understand how come maternity clothing are so expensive? Anything special about them that they cost so much? So expensive! I just saw one maternity dress in that I thinking to buy for my sister but when I saw the price tag, I just drop dead at the scene! $90 for a piece of clothing. Yes! is $90 and not RM 90 okey! $90 will be freaking RM 297.00 for a dress that you can only wear once in a year if you want a soccer team but if you only want to have 1 or 2 children, it's definitely not worth it! At all!

Nice? But its so freaking expensive!


Rose's World said...

so so nice! i agree with u on the price of maternity clothing! very pricey! i never buy clothing online, cos i never like buying things that i cant try and cant return later. But i do love browsing thru Amazon for its women clothing and accessories!

babyfiona said...

rose's world-its really cost a bomb! I just go there and browse around..still can't afford to buy anything there. Rather go and check ebay :P

Health Freak Mommy said...

Nice maternity clothes cost a bomb. The other day, I spent RM500 on just 1 maternity jeans and tube top!

curryegg said...

If the dress is designed by khoon hooi or any local fashion designers, the price wont be that cheap.. I mean RM 297. It will be above RM500++

Ridiculous.. but true.. Cos I am working there now.
Sigh.. Can't afford to buy any of those garments.