Friday, December 14, 2007

Hard To Get Your Tickets?

Many been complaining its so hard to get their hand on the Miami Heat Tickets. Even my friend, an avid sport fans who is working for a sport association is not fast enough to get his desire seating for the coming game. He bought 3 tickets for himself and his buddy but was given seats that are not so favorable.

Well, its his own fault then, he should have come to me first before he buy the tickets as I know where we can get the tickets easily and most important, the desirable seats! Of course when we go for such games, we should get the best seats ever to enjoy the game. What my friend do not know is that, I been using Premium Seats USA all these while to buy my tickets and most of the time, I will get my desirable seat with just a call away to their live, customer service agent.

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