Saturday, December 15, 2007

Its Time To Change

Oh no! I need to change my rear window again! Its all my hubby fault! If he is not that clumsy, I will not have to waste my money to change it again! The last time, we change it was 3 years back and it is also his fault.

Well, since we have to change it, I guess this time, I will choose pro rack rear window bu STK insure superior craftsmanship and protection. According to them ,each intersection will be fully welded for maximum strength and stability with their innovative engineering and design for lasting performance.

At the same time, I was thinking to change to a new horn because I met so many irresponsible drivers around that thought the roads are belong to their grandmother as they double park and even triple park behind other people car and guess what, they just leave it there without anyone inside the car. Thus, making me have to wait for them for more than an hour even after I honked them so many times!

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