Saturday, December 15, 2007

I remember the first year of meeting my hubby and it's was really a hard one since we are staying quite far away, we can only contact and communicate with each other once in a while and that was almost 8 years ago. Nowadays it is so easy to make new friends and keep in touch with Talk121.

A local phone chat line service, Talk121, offering live chat and free chat service for all the member, both guys and gals who register with them. As Talk121, do not require the callers to give out their numbers and can use a nick name when they are on the system, it is truly safe for all teenager to use especially for gals as they can choose either to request for live connection or not. Means, it is up to the user to accept or go on with another messages if they find something fishy going on.

For those who would like to meet new friends, you can always give it a try at


curryegg said... Really that jimat wang?

babyfiona said...

curryegg - free one woh