Thursday, December 6, 2007

Money Growing Tree

Weeee!! Finally received the payment from one of the local advertising company. Even though is not much compare to the oversea paying companies, but I still find it good as I will have extra moolah for the coming Christmas! I have so many thing that I wanted to buy and do and yet money is not enough. Will never enough I guess.

I know everyone have the same dream with me to own a growing money tree in front of their house. Without need to work like a slave, what you need to do is only water the tree and when the times come, the tree will grow money for you to harvest.

Sound familiar? kakaka, its the same concept of what you are doing now. WORK! Even though you have money growing tree, you still need to get yourself dirty, maintaining the soil, shielding the tree from whatsoever thunderstorm or hurricane (if its happen) and then water it every single day. Well, these are all hard work you will need to work before you can happily harvest the fruit.

No matter how, its come back to the same thing. You need to work to get your desire fruits.


Abner said...

Not me wor. I don't want money tree outside my house. At night sure kena sapu... I think daytime will also kena. Dangerous...

babyfiona said...

abner - hahaha, you are funny! If everyone have the money tree infront of the house, then mah no body come and sapu urs lor. :D