Monday, December 17, 2007

Need To Find Dubai Hotel Apartments?

After a conversation with one of my friend from work, a week ago on his working experience in Dubai. I was thinking of checking out the environment there. As he had been staying there for more than 2 years, he advise me to check out all the information before I step my leg on Dubai after he provided me a list of dubai hotel apartments where I can check out for my accommodation before I book my flight.

After I check it out from the internet, I get to know that Dubai is an important tourist destination and port as it is developing as a hub for service industries such as IT and finance with the new Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) which, my boss already told me before as he is planning to organize an exhibition there as he see lots of potential.

With the information that provided to me, I checked out hoping to get my accommodation planning soon and as the biggest short term rental portal that connects tourists with owners of dubai holiday apartment and dubai holiday rental, I can say that it is a very user friendly website.

With a light and easy to use layout, it's seem to be easy to maneuver and check out over 120 self catering properties, and choose the home-link comforts of a luxury apartment at a much lower cost with just a click away. At Dubaiapartments, a recommendation of their top 6 properties will be display in front of the page so that you can get the most sourced apartment of hotel by other tourist. Unlike any other accommodation website, Dubaiapartment provides a bigger and clearer picture of each property with full structure and area details.

As for those who own a property in Dubai, they can also register themself at Dubaiapartment to get their property listed for rental for worldwide access and should you require a helping hand in managing bookings, you can always get them to help with a minimal fee.

For more information related to Dubai hotel apartment, Dubai Holiday Apartment, or Dubai Holiday Rental, check out this website :

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