Monday, December 17, 2007

Spanish Speaking? No Worry!

I noticed that a lot of my client from US prefer to book their hotel in Spanish as they are not very good in English them self. No wonder, when I send over a link to one of the client the other day when he asked for a recommendation sites to book for hotel room, he told me that, he did not like the sites until to the extend that I show them this descuento en hoteles site as I did not have much list store in my bookmark folder.

They were a little bit surprise as well, as I sent them a link in Spanish languages, but after a few round of explanation, they thank me for my help. They said that, all these while, they been trying to find a site that can help them to find the right hotel room at the best price and its easier for them to book and so forth but at no avail. Well, there is now for them and they even call up at their customer service center in Spanish speaking for more information to check out some information.

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