Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Birthday Gift For Boys

My 5 years old nephew will be celebrating his 6th birthday next month, a date very near to Chinese New Year celebration. I have not got any clue what to buy for him as he is a normal spoil brat with everything he wants, he will get it and normally is after a big storm of throwing tantrum.

Last year, me and hub get him an automated car from Toy'R us where he can ride on it by turning the steering left and right which cost us about 200 bucks and within a very short time of 3 months, the car doesn't look like a car anymore.

Well, this year, we might get him something more practical, Baseball Bats for his sport practice since he will be entering the school next year. By then, he would be more in to sport as boy will always be boys. They will tend to be tougher everyday. So to say, from now onward, I will be getting him sport equipments like baseball hoop, soccer balls, gloves and everything for boys only.

Where did I go for all this stuff? No, Not Toy'r Us anymore, that is only for kids stuff, for boys stuff, I will go for! You also have the same problem? Join me at their site, their price is affordable as well.

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