Thursday, January 17, 2008

CNY Worry

Holy gosh! 2 more weeks to Chinese New Year! Sad to say, I done nothing yet for the coming festival. For Chinese, New Year is a very big day, so we have our own New Year celebration to celebrate the lunar calendar. At this day, we will wear clothing that will bring us luck, which is red color, gives red color money packet, buy red color flower and decorate the house; everything also must be red in color. Some will go to the extend and dye their hair in red color just for that particular festival.

But for me, I have done nothing. Nothing at all, due to the constraint of money. I need to get some first before I can start going out and buy the necessary things for Chinese New Year. Only necessary thing will do well for me, as I do not want to end up my house and myself like a red packet.

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