Thursday, January 17, 2008

Light In The Box

Huh! LightInTheBox ? What does it means? Why LightInTheBox and not other name? There must be something behind this name. Argh! I am very curios about this. I think I would not be sleeping tonight as my brain will keep on and on and on asking me and myself, what is the story behind LightInTheBox !

Why can't it be Light around the box? Light beside the box, light above the box or light anywhere else except LightInTheBox!! Oh my god, I hate it when I got some question that I can not will the answer. Can anyone be good and give me the answer before I go insane? Please? *Puppy eyes* Blah! Never mind, I will just take a step and go to to check it out myself!

Oooo.. Now I know why! In fact, the name came from a children' toys, jack-in-the-box and since they strive to provide and deliver "light" to their customer in the boxes, thus the name of LightInTheBox was born! Interesting! Well at least tonight I can sleep well without my mind straying away thinking about it!

But, now I got a bigger problem. I saw so many things that I wanted to buy from LightInTheBox and guess what? I just chat with their customer services and the minimum quantity to get is only ONE!!! How can I sleep tonight!!

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Calv said...

hey. thanks for dropping by my blog. you have one interesting one going on too. :) cheers