Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Emergency Help Needed?

Emergency, emergency, when you are having an emergency, who will you be calling? 911 for sure right but what if the emergency happen to your lock? Like your spouse accidentally locked you in the house without her knowing and you without any key to open it? Well, you can choose to stay put or either ask your spouse to drive all the way back and pass you the key. What if she is out of the town for few days leaving you without any keys to open the door of your home and you on the other hand got no supply of enough food in the house to keep you alive for that few days?

Afraid no more as you can count on Basad Inc for emergency help. Basal Inc provides emergency locksmith services which partners with your local neighborhood locksmith to provide the services. So, don't worry if you are staying 100 miles away from Basad Inc as they still can help you with your lock problem. Normally Basad Inc will advertises their services in local yellow pages but you are so lucky today to see their website here at www.basad-inc.com.

Well, you are currently need help with your locked and could not be able to reach any reliable locksmith? Click on their website as seen above and get your help fast!


Anonymous said...

Basad Inc is a well known SCAMMER call center fronting as a locksmith company that has documented cases of complaints ranging from overcharging consumers to shoddy workmanship. Google Basad, Inc and read through some of the news reports

Norman said...

Emergency locksmiths are playing very important role. You can call at just about any hour or any place to have a locksmith sent over that can replace, pick, repair, or remove, a lock or other safety device covered in an emergency locksmiths job description. It's fairly common for people to accidentally lock themselves out of their own house or car. Beyond that, emergency locksmith can also open things such as a safe. Given proof of ownership and other proper credentials that prove you are the owner of course.

Anonymous said...

Michael Basad is the one behind it all. They even charge peoples credit cards many times and you can see proof of that in the BBB files. Customers had there cards charged many times for the same service on different days. Guess what, those people are still trying to get there money back!