Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Gentle Crackdown II 秀才愛上兵

This drama series will be replacing Survivor's Law II! Look funny enough and it will start airing on 21 January 2008! Keep your eyes open for it! Crack a case and save the lives. This is how they start being partners and end up being lovers!

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Length: 20
Producer: Lau Kar Ho
Scriptwriter: Cheung Wah Biu
Cast: Steven Ma (馬浚偉), Yumiko Cheng (鄭希怡), Ha Yu (夏 雨), Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung (黎耀祥), Lo Koon Lan (羅冠蘭), Tsang Wai Kuen (曾偉權), Evergreen Mak (麥長青), Lee Shing Cheong (李成昌)


Having lost her father at an early age, farm security guard CHAN SAI-MUI (Cheng Yumiko) grew to be an outspoken and determined woman who would do her utmost to protect her home village. It is her sincerity that has won her respect from all villagers of the Leung Choi County. Sometimes she would get too enthusiastic and impulsive that she could bring about a lot of misunderstandings. Amusingly, she has mistaken the newly appointed agricultural official TSE WONG-SHEUNG (Ma Steven) for a thief and the two of them have been bitter enemies ever since. To keep himself from any possible trouble, SHEUNG has been avoiding MUI intentionally.

For the benefit of his son's future, SHEUNG's father TSE CHONG-TIN (Ha Yu) has not only invited the intelligent TAI TSUNG-MAN (Lai Yiu Cheung) to be SHEUNG's assistant, but also found him four special bodyguards namely CHUK, FUN, MIN and FAN. Despite the best arrangements for SHEUNG, he still gets framed by the corrupted officials from Changsha and is in danger of facing the most torturing punishment. Luckily, MUI and MAN manage to save him in the nick of time with a jade bowl bestowed by the former emperor. To everyone's surprise, the jade bowl turns out a fake, but with MAN's wit and courage, SHEUNG is finally saved from danger. MUI has been through a lot together with SHEUNG and is starting to fall in love with him. SHEUNG, on the other hand, has no feelings for MUI and decides to turn to MAN for tips as to how to break away from her. Mysteriously, SHEUNG starts being pursued by a hitman soon afterwards.

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janicepa said...

hey.. there is another version by .. Moses Chan wan wor..

babyfiona said...

janicepa - this is new version I guess.