Thursday, January 10, 2008

Date Screening Website

Terrific! This is a very good site to introduce to my girl friends who had been bugging me to introduce some of my hubby friend to them as they been complaining that they wanted to end their single life as soon as possible and join in my club as an auntie. When they told me that, I gave them a killer stare! How could they called me as a auntie when I am only 20 something years old! But anyway, back to my girl friend's problem. I also wanted to help them up but since my hubby is not a local, thus he do not have a lot of brothers here that I can introduce to them. So ended up, they went for those online dating website but I am scared that they will be in trouble meeting up with a total stranger. You will never know what kind of wolf are hiding behind those handsome and good looking face.

Well, now it is not a problem as they can check out this Date Screening Website where it's the world largest database rating men targeting abusive and cheating men! In, those men who have a bad record will be entered into the system by women to promote safer dating worldwide. At the moment, there are tens of thousands of men's name in the database and it will increase when women share their stories and experience in the website. Not bad right? This will ensure safety to my girl friends that goes on random online dating website.

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